『普遍的な要素と自由な世界観を基に毎シーズン異なった国からインスピレーションを受け アイテムを再構築する』

旅をする時に着たくなる、 持っていきたくなる素材選びや 着心地の良さを大切にしたもの作りが特徴。

The MOSODELIA fashion brand was established in
Spring/Summer 2013 in Japan.
It stands out with ready-to-wear clothing that offers fun and flair
with a sensible motif.
Our vision is to provide highly fashionable items based on innovative ideas
and traditional processes while offering impeccable quality.
Our seasonal collections are inspired by the historical traditions and
cultures of countries around the world, making use of creative designs and outstanding fabrics.
Embrace MOSODELIA as a statement of fashionable comfort in your life's journey.